Custom Aprons

I make many personalized aprons, some for children and some for adults, that I order from Dunroven House and simply add the embroidery. They are great sturdy aprons in a variety of colors that wash well and are very functional for cooking, painting, gardening, etc. However at my last show, some lovely ladies were looking for half aprons – the kind with pockets in the front that you might find in a hardware store. 


So, never wanting to say no, I accepted the order. The embroidery says “Knitting Needles Plus” as they are distributors and are going to a big trade show. The need the aprons for this phones, cash, etc., and they were very specific about having three pockets. I made the aprons from my Dunroven House tea towels to  ensure sturdiness and added a waistband to match the embroidery thread color they selected. 


They came out really cute. I think I will make one for me (in pink) and Rob (in black) and even one for Maddie (in Orange) for upcoming shows. In the meantime, these are ready to be dropped off tomorrow. 

And thanks Jen for modeling the finished project! You look mahvelous!

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