Multi-tasking on A Rainy Sunday

I was supposed to do a craft show today but unfortunately the weather called for significant rain. Rain and fabric aren’t a great combination so Pat from PJ’s Promotions allowed me to skip it. I decide to use the unexpected bonus time in the sewing room and to try to get as much done as possible as we have a few busy weeks coming up and stitching time will be minimal. 

  I made these two baby quilt tops lay weekend but didn’t get them quilted. I am excited to quilt the two of them at the same time using a freehand stars, clouds and loops pattern. 

  In between working on the longarm machine, I am working on additional bright and cheery baby quilts. I am doing two identical tops, but wish I had used a lighter blue so they could be more unisex-ish. 
  And, the embroidery machine is going too. Rob helps with thread changes so I am getting caught up on orders and summer inventory. 
This is one day I am not asking the rain to go away!

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