A Surprise Fabric Shop

I have been so busy lately. Work has been insane and I have had a bit of business travel too. Then a week of vacation. I usually plan things to post but this month it just didn’t work out. I have been traveling for the past two weeks – first to London for work, then to the Health Lions festival in Cannes, and then my family flew over and we had vacation in Nice and Paris. It is always great when I can mix business and pleasure and those miles and hotel points sure come in handy when the family comes along!

First London, where after two days of meetings I was able to visit The Queens Club and catch some great tennis with Lynn. It is a beautiful venue with great hospitality. It was a bummer to see Nadal lose but we saw great players and great action and it was a blast. 

 Then on to Cannes for the Lions Health festival. It was great spending time with Lynn and colleagues from London and Paris and seeing the awe-I souring creativity that my industry (the day job!) produces. 

  Finally vacation! First a few days in Nice with a side trip to Monaco. Nice is a beautiful, warm, welcoming place that I can’t wait to visit again. The beach is stone, but with the comfy chairs and cute boys serving refreshments, it was hard to mind that!

 And finally Paris. We did the requisite visit to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre but mostly went off the beaten path. More on that tomorrow, but we did manage to find the sweetest fabric shop.  It was a total surprise as we were walking through a little hidden shopping arcade. 

They aren’t specific to quilting but had lovely fabric and a very sweet shopkeeper. Called The Lil Weasel, we enjoyed our time here and found a few treasures.  


Beyond sweet fabric we also enjoyed their colorful displays and picked up some ribbon and other notions.  

More on the trip soon and the many design inspirations, but for now I am glad to be back! 

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