Design Inspiration in Paris

I mentioned in my last post that we were on a work-cation in France last week. We certain enjoyed all the usually tourist spots and tried to fit them into one day.  

Beyond the usual sites of the city, we did some exploring on our own. We found a hidden Paris blog and managed to find some of the sites on day two. Day three was our museum day. 

 This cafe was hidden in a garden like setting on the sidewalk. I want that link chair! And, right next door, amazing cupcakes in the cutest shop ever. I loved the charm of both spots and the attention to even the finest detail.  

 We also found a bright and colorful tea shop that used a progression of color to tell the story of their products.  

At one point we saw the cutest crooked door – and trust me, I can appreciate beauty in something with lines that should be, but aren’t quite straight! 

But behind the door was  a mystery little passage with the cutest umbrella repair shop. I wish I had a broken umbrella just to chat with the shopkeeper.  

Then we walked further looking for a gallery with an eclectic mix of shops. We just about gave up when Maddie (who was our navigator all afternoon) found this amazing arcade b 

 I love everything about this little shopping experience – the narrow walkway, the light from above, the beauty of the floors and the symmetry if the ceiling. That floor pattern would make a beautiful quilt.  

 The fabric shop I highlighted yesterday  was obviously the highlight but I also enjoyed a sweet antique shipped that tempted our senses with brightly colored displays. We had been looking for some unique treasures to bring home for Sophia and found quite a few in this arcade.   I was also inspired by the bright bursts of color packed into small spaces at many of the flower shops around town. Similarly we found lots of design inspiration in our chocolate crawl.  

 So what did I really learn on our day  off the beaten path? Beauty surrounds us. We are always so busy checking things off our list and racing from here to there that I think we miss the beauty around us. I will definitely hold on to our tour of Paris behind the scenes to remind me to keep my eyes open and mind free as I wander around nearer my home and work. 

If you would like to take your own tour of Hidden Paris, the blog we followed (with some of our own side stops) has great photos, additional stops and GPS coordinates. 

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