Finally it hangs

I got this quilt as a gift for a new house more than a decade ago (more like a bakers dozen). When my friends started making it I was buying a house with a big open wall. That deal fell through because the owners decided not to move and I bought another house. As much as I loved the quilt I didn’t have a wall big enough to hang it.  

 I was straightening up this morning and realized the wall in our living room /dining room was perfect for this. So we moved the other picture that was there to make room the quilt. We had an open floor plan – living room, dining room and kitchen as one big space, so we will all get to really enjoy this quilt a lot more now as we will be able to see it from all angles.   

     And my favorite print that I got close to 20 years ago: 

 (Photo bomb courtesy of Maddie) 

This quilt is so special to me. I am still grateful to Karen, Jenn, Pam and Jengi for making this for me. It is extra special given Pam is no longer with us and because Jenn is still one of my best friends and can visit it when she visits me. Like today!!!

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