Maddie’s Sweet 16

 It is hard to believe that Maddie is sixteen. It seems like yesterday she was getting on the school bus for be first time, with the first step being too high, and just a few days before that that she was born on a sweltering July day in NYC. So, to celebrate her sweet 16 we had a friends and family dinner at the View, the rotating rooftop restaurant at the Marriott Marquis.  

 This was supposed to be a surprise party but I thought it was better to tell her due to all the coordination. We did manage to make it festive without her knowing everything we had planned. Including a party game which she was mint too pleased about but tolerated and eventually even enjoyed.  One of the best surprises was an awesome poster of photos of everyone who came that Shane made for her and everyone signed. 

 Maddie’s closest friends came, including Zack who she has known since she was three and Kira who she met at age four in pre-school. Jack is a newer friend that she met through Zack, and Charmi and Alyssa are friends she met when we moved to Park Ridge for 7th grade. It has been fun watching these terrific kids grow up.  

 We also had Shane, Chris, stepsister Sophia and her boyfriend Mark, and of course Maddie’s dad John.  

 Zack’s mom Jen is one of my closest friends and it wouldn’t have been a party without her!   

 As beautiful as the view from this restaurant is, I didn’t get any photos of the view. I did however capture the homemade cake.   Anyway, after the party the squad stayed over and watched horror movies until five am. I am shocked they got up for breakfast! 

I do feel somewhat guilty. I got Maddie a laptop for her birthday (which is what she wanted but wouldn’t ask for due to the cost) but I wanted to make a quilt. Work has been so busy and I have had so much travel that I just didn’t get it done. 😦 I definitely owe this kid a quilt before the end of the summer! 

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