Shot Down – Pins and Needles Quilt Shop

  A few years ago when we visited Rangeley, we took a ride to Farmington, Maine. We really enjoyed the day, visiting two quilt shops, a nice sandwich shop and a gift store of local Maine items. So while the guys went ATV’ing today, Jen and I decided to drive to Farmington to visit the nicer of the two shops we visited last time, Pins and Needles. We didn’t think to call first because THE google listed the shop hours as 10-6. So off we want, taking the 40 mile ride in search of awesome quilt fabric.  

 Imagine how bummed we were when we arrived and the shop was closed for a family emergency. Now, first things first, I truly hope everything is ok, that emergency was a strong word, and that owner isn’t going through any significant heartache or hardship. But such a bummer! We were really sad because the cute gift shop is now a psychic and the sandwich shop was gone too. It is quite sad how tough these small towns have it. 

But, I wanted to post a review of this shop anyway, based on my recollection of the last visit and peering longingly through the window. It is a small, but cute and well stocked shop. Not surprisingly, the owner tries to cover a lot of ground and has quilting supplies, yarn and hand embroidery items. The fabric was fresh and modern, with novelty prints available too. She had cute kits, including several that would work up fast. And I remember her to be very friendly and helpful in making our choices. 

I doubt we will get back this visit as we leave on Saturday, but we will definitely visit next time we come to this part of Maine!

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