Country Treasures Quilt Shop – Chester, VT

  I have been visiting this shop for at least ten years, stopping at least one time (and often two) on my way to and from Maine. However, as my tastes have changed, and given the ease of online shopping, I am a little less enthused about this shop. Here’s the scoop. 

Pulling up to the shop, you immediately feel the country charm and warmth. Sale items, finished quilts for sale, kits and shop samples are creatively displayed. Rarely have I walked into the shop without something in hand to buy and today was no exception.  

 Given we are travel with family and friends, I always appreciate the seating so the guys can relax while we shop.  

 I would love to show you more of the shop but they have these obnoxious “no photos please” signs everywhere. Literally, they are in every room. So you will have to take my word for it on the pros and cons of this shop. I totally get not wanting artwork to be photographed to be copied but innocent pics of the shop shouldn’t be a problem in my opinion. 

First, the good news – this shop has a great selection across a wide variety of fabrics – novelty, seasonal, country, traditional, batiks. There are beautiful finished quilts for sale and many kits, patterns, notions and books. It is set up in an old house so you can meander from room to room. They have a generous sale room in the back with many choices. The staff is friendly and they cut fabric in several spots. And they have two rest rooms which is convenient when stopping here on your way to or from vacation. Clearly this shop has a lot going for it – and these are just a few of the reasons that I have stopped here so many times over the years. 

So, what’s the problem? For me, I wish they had more modern fabric. The things I like to work with – solids, dots, bold colors – are hard to find. For example, I was hoping to find some bright colored mixers and get the same fabric in ten to twelve colors. Unfortunately the shop is organized by color so I would have had to go from room to room and try to find them, carrying them through the crowded hallways. Seems like no big deal but with husbands and kids waiting it wasn’t going to happen! Also, while I love the amount of product in the shop, there is stuff everywhere. It starts to feel confusing and overwhelming after a few minutes. And, there is just so much stuff that sometimes the staff just can’t help – while they try hard it would be impossible to know where everything is.  

 The shop is on an adorable street with several cafes, antique shops and other stores of interest with good parking. It is definitely worth a visit. Walk down the block and spend a few minutes in this lovely town. I have spent hours here, and while it doesn’t top my list anymore, I will still visit on my way to and from Maine. 

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