The Biggest Pencil Roll

I made a custom order a few weeks back for a lovely girl from the Midwest. Unfortunately it never made it there, so I made it again. Once I heard from her mom rant she received it, I was able to post it. It is essentially the largest pencil roll I have ever done, holding more than 100 pencils. The pockets are clear vinyl instead of cloth so she can see the pencil color names.  

 Sewing on the clear vinyl was easier than I expected. Essentially a new needle was all it took.  

 The pencil roll itself was purple on the outside and black on the inside with purple and black ribbon. It measures 42″ wide by 18″ high when opened and accommodated two rows of pencils.  

 The girl I made it for was lovely so I made her a coordinating tea towel for the inconvenience of waiting for a second pencil roll to arrive. I hope she uses both in the best of health.  


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