Sewing Studio Redo

i mentioned a few weeks ago that we moved the sewing room from the loft on the top floor of our townhouse to the lower level. It was a ton of work but Rob and Shane were good sports, and my father-in-law helped move the long arm. So now we are back in action in the girl cave. The walls aren’t fully dressed yet, but here is a tour.  

 These are kitchen islands that I repurposed for cutting and ironing. They are super convenient and have a ton of storage.  

 Three ikea shelves provide ample fabric storage. I am going to get a larger TV and mount it to the wall but this one works for now.  

 IKEA also hooked me up with thread storage. Going to get more today.  

 The long arm machine fits perfectly in the alcove. Definitely need to hang more quilts back there! 

 Luckily there is enough room for a couch for TV, binding and computer work.  

 The sewing and embroidery machines sit on an antique table that is from a library in upstate ny from the late 1800’s. It is so sturdy and really comfortable to sew at.  

 This room has a nice built in desk so that works out for mailing packages and organizing show information.  

 And lastly I have an antique filing cabinet for fat quarter storage. Through the move we lost a drawer but I am hopeful it will turn up. 

Now that we are all set up I have to get back to sewing! 

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