Craft Show Before and After

We were at the Paramus High School Holiday Craft Show today. PJ’s Promotions does a great job and the people are very nice. But it sure can be daunting when you first arrive and you realize that there is about two hours or so to turn barren school hallways and gyms into a robust and tantalizing Holiday show. Thank goodness we only have to do one space! This is our view on arrival:  

 Pretty grim, right? Our spot was even a little lamer – and we were late today as I was sick last night and didn’t sleep well.  

 We pretty much had two hours to transform from an empty hallway to a full fabric arts experience. And I think we did a pretty good job!  

 It is hard to believe we get this much shelving put up, merchandise arranged and signs in place in 2 hours. I guess by now we have a comfortable rhythm and we know who does what. Here are a few other shots of our space: 

   Would you believe that it takes us only 15 minutes to break down? And another 15 to load the truck?  
We have one more show next weekend and then we are done until Match. That doesn’t mean I am done sewing though. I have some holiday gifts to finish and a few show entries to get together. Happy holidays all!

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