An Unusual Custom Order

I do quite a few custom orders and every once in a while people will send me the source fabric to sew or items to embroider. Sometimes it is a tote bag, jacket or apron to embroider, and sometimes it is t-shirts or a special fabric for a quilt. This Christmas I met a nice woman via Etsy who lives in NYC and sent me a bunch of different fabrics to make a series of items – needle cases, wine totes, tote bags and some knitting needle cases. It was a fun order to make, except for one fabric she sent.  

 It was a beautiful Asian woven print. I honestly never worked with a fabric like this despite 30 years of sewing. Cutting it was a nightmare and sewing it wasn’t much better.  

 After I got going I realized I could trim the excess threads to make it easier on the machine. Unfortunately that made it tough on my clothes. 😜 

 If that is how my sweater looked, you should have seen the carpet! I am really glad I did it though as it made a beautiful tote bag.  

 She also sent another upholstery fabric that made a nice tote. I often see home dec fabrics in the remnants bin and think I will take a closer look next time as I really like this tote.  

 She also had a really festive striped cotton that made adorable wine totes.  

 I didn’t photograph all of her fabric, although I should have, as she has really interesting and eclectic taste. I am guessing she is a collector as well as one of her fabrics that I made sewing needle cases from is an Alexander Henry novelty print from about 15 years ago. Wow!  Look at those cacti. 

 Unfortunately I was late getting her order to her as I had unexpected oral surgery and it knocked me out, which is a bummer as I really enjoyed talking to her and sewing for her. I hope I have the chance to again. 

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