Monica’s and Steve’s Quilt – Finished Spring 2013

In 2012 I made this full sized bed quilt for my sister and brother-in-law. They wanted something country, not floral, and the color palette was to be country blue and tan or brown. I wanted to do what they would like but couldn’t find the fabric anywhere. I had nothing in my stash that even came close. Blue and brown. Dusty, country tones. No flowers. Not modern. Bingo! I bought it without even checking with Monica. The only other request was some kind of star and she saw a 9-patch quilt in a magazine that she liked, but the rest was up to me.

Why post this now? Well, Facebook is very concerned with preserving our memories as indicated by the reminders of past events that they post in our notifications. Today I got this reminder:
 I had posted this design sheet for Jen to have a look at before I started cutting as she is definitely my go-to partner in quilting crime. It is good to see that I was so productive as soon as I got back from Christmas in Florida!  I now have a big sketch book I use for project sheets, and honestly I am rarely so neat!!! I do swear buy cutting small swatches and reminding myself how I intend to use them. That doesn’t mean I don’t deviate as I work on a project, but at least I have a plan to refer to.

 The quilt ended up being very nice. And Monica and Steve loved it, which is the important thing.  Our nephew Scott liked it too.

 This Facebook reminder got me thinking today. Everyone in Rob’s family has a quilt. Except Rob. His parents got one five years ago on his mom’s birthday. Sophia got a t-shirt quilt when she graduated high school. Our niece and nephew, Kirsten and Scott, each got All About Me quilts for Christmas a few years ago. Even his awesome cousin Susann from Finland got a beautiful lap quilt when she visited a few summers ago.

Well, I know who is next. His birthday is in August. I had better start thinking and had better make it good!

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