Ideas from Customers

 Someimes the best ideas really do come from customers. I wrote in December about the customer, Judy, who had the idea of a series of “baby’s first” bibs. Seems obvious, but I never would have made them as a group to sell as a package. Judy’s friend bought them that way, and Judy got a bunch for two special baby girls in her life.
 When she ordered five I offered her a sixth on me and she asked for a grey elephant on a pink bib. How cute is this? The elephant isn’t my design as I only recolored it and added the type, but I love it anyway.

I had another regular customer ask for something to put in an engaged couple’s wishing well at their shower. She came up with the idea of champagne glasses to celebrate the engagement, with their names and the copy “Established October 7, 2016” to represent the wedding date.

And with these two orders out the door, 2015 is officially a wrap!

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