Jungle Rain Quilt – Throwback Thursday

  I made this quilt in Maine over the summer of 2010. I got the fabric and pattern as a kit, Jungle Rain, from Fat Quarter Shop. I loved it the very first time I saw it online as it was beautiful in its simplicity and I loved the random placement of the fabrics to simulate rain. I have always found this quilt soothing and continue to appreciate that as I walk by it every day hanging in my hallway outside my bedroom.  
 It went together easily – squares and sashing! Can’t get much easier than that. Somehow it looks more complicated due to the fabric and the composition.  After I finished it I intended to do another one in reds and oranges but it never worked out. #someday

 I liked it so much that I even used this photo as my headshot for work for a little while. Of course I couldn’t do that now as this photo is five years old! 

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