Longarm Inspiration

  I have mentioned how I am very committed to finding 15 minutes per day to focus on channeling my inner creative self. Sometimes that is reading, or sketching, or designing, or shopping for fabric. And now, sometimes that is tapping into the adult coloring craze.  
 I have no illusions that my coloring is especially well done or interesting. However, it is a great opportunity to play with color and try combinations that I may not otherwise explore with fabric. The cost is zero and I can change things up on the fly to see what palettes I like best.  

 Beyond the color play, many of these designs are great inspiration for freehand longarm work. I wouldn’t copy them exactly, but they certainly inspire thought about expanding my longarm design horizons. 

  And the best part is that I can throw a coloring book and some pencils in my suitcase when I travel – leaving me no excuse to not be creative every day!

How do you feed your inner creative self?

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