Felted Wool Folk Art Quilt for John

  I am so excited to share this quilt – for two reasons. First, it is finish #2 of 2016. Sidebar, I only really count personal projects in my tally. So yay for having two quilts done already and in their new homes. Second, it is my first UFO of the year, and knocking out unfinished objects is a top priority.
I started these blocks forever ago – probably ten years. It was a block of the month from Log Cabin Fabrics in Selkirk, NY. That adorable country shop really help fuel my passion for quilting, and when I first started my tastes were much more traditional. Each month is represented by a different folk art image corresponding to the season. 

Each block was done on a 16″ canvas of felted wool with the shapes to complete the picture being done by hand. I really enjoyed doing it and actually completed the blocks as they were released. And then they sat. And sat. And moved around the sewing room. Until now. Maddie’s Dad loves folk art and always loved these blocks. So I decided to suck it up and finish this quilt as a birthday gift for him.  

 I had a tiny bit of handwork to finish – things like adding eyes or legs on a bird, or “herbs” on a garden sign. That was easy – actually the hardest part was finding the hand dyed thread that I had used all those years ago.  Yay for being organized. Then I trimmed the blocks to 14.5″ to finish the top. 

 I laid it out and decided to do a plaid wool sashing with solid blue cornerstones on the interior of the quilt. That part was somewhat difficult as the wool sashing had a lot of give to it. I then loaded it onto the longarm machine. This too was a challenge as the wool is so stretchy. If I were to do another wool project I would probably use interfacing to stabilize the blocks – similar to how I make tee-shirt quilts. I decided on a warm tan thread and a simple freehand meandering pattern and did NOT quilt over the handwork.  

 I love how it came out. Here are the blocks for January through April. The Valentine’s bird is especially cute.  

 Moving into summer, here are the blocks for May through August. I love them all, but especially the sunflower. And I am relieved that the “herbs” handwork came out ok as I haven’t done that sort of sewing in years.  

 And wrapping up the year is September through December. I love the October block and think it would be adorable as a pillow.  For the longest time I couldn’t understand why November had a ghost in it, but then I realized it is a snowman. Duh.  

 I did a warm orange flannel on the back. It is probably not the best color choice, but I pulled it from my stash. And it is soft. 🙂

 And now John has a birthday quilt, I have a UFO out the door and I can stop moving these sweet felted wool blocks around my sewing room. 

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