Patchwork Sitges 2016 – The Quilts

My brother uses the phrase, “sometimes the bear gets you, sometimes you get the bear.” Today I got the bear. 

 I am in Barcelona for a pitch this weekend and had some free time this afternoon after a meeting. Like any good quilter, I had googled local shops and went for a visit. When I arrived at this one, there was a sign that they were closed for Patchwork de Sitges. I will write about the vendors tomorrow, but for today, I definitely got the bear.  

 Many of the quilts were outside the norm of what I work I and respond to. I thought this appliqué is birds and trees was beautiful, but nothing I would try.  

 Likewise, this appliqué number was amazing, but outside my realm of interest on a day to day level. That said, close up, it is a hand appliquéd stunner.  

 I kelp walking and found another building and that is where the action was.  

I didn’t catch the name of this one, but loved the nature elements.     This quilt is called “silverware”. I love the modern interpretation of an every day object. 
The show had a competition for a postcard quilt that beat represented Spain. I thought the entries were amazing,but agreed with the winner which depicted bullfighting.  

   I really loved this quilt, “Before dark.” It does a great job of capturing the moment that the sun is setting.   
 I also loved this quilt, “Autumn Enchantment” It reminds me of Maine.  It makes me want to hike. 

   I thought this entry, “ready to work” was clever and highlighted the reality of working in construction.  This could be my husband on any given day. 
This was an amazing show. The backdrop was a beautiful church and the sea.  

   So, what was intended to be a visit to one quilt shop turned into a beautiful afternoon of inspires artistry. I am very grateful for the quilts I experienced and will post about the vendor market tomorrow. 

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