Patchwork Sitges 2016 – The Vendor Market

  After visiting several beautiful buildings filled with quilts and admiring the architecture, I finally set out to find the Patchwork de Sitges vendor market. I looked and I looked but couldn’t find it, and several people carrying quilts bags didn’t speak English. Eventually I got lucky though… 
 Imagine three huge tents on the promenade overlooking the sea filled with quilty goodness. Yes, I said quilty goodness.  

 Each tent was more exciting then the previous. The main difference between large quilt shows in the states and this experience was the lack of manufacturers present. All the big machine companies – My faves Bernina and Handiquilter, but also Brother, Janome, etc were there. The fabric makers, however, were not.  

 The booths themselves were quite charming. It had more of a market stall feel as most were too small to enter, but all had lovely shopkeepers and very cute displays. In fact, I was impressed with how darling the little booths were. That said, while there were a few modern quilters present, the overall style was much more traditional than I am used to. There was also a lot of felted wool work on display. I really looked for fabric manufactured in Spain to get a treat for me and Jen and that was hard to find as most were offering the brands we have available in unlimited supply at home – Moda, Kaufman, etc. I did however pick up a few things, and even splurged on a treat or two that I could have found at home but bought it in the moment. I was happy to support these local shops and enjoyed speaking to them. Oh, and the Handiquilter dude talked me into the computer module. Uh-oh. 

I already packed my goodies but will snap a shot when I get home on Monday. 


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