Feeling the Love

I am truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support I have gotten since my surgery.  Essentially I had a full hysterectomy last Tuesday to remove a grapefruit sized fibroid. Way more complicated than I expected. 

 Today this amazing card arrived in the mail from my office. It includes an image of my quilt, Spectrum, with the ghg logo replacing the hot pink block. Amazingly clever! The card has ten panels and each of the is filled front and back with heartwarming messages from my friends and co-workers.  

 Then today the doorbell rang and I received this amazing swag pack from Jen. Beyond being so thoughtful, it really brought me back to when we met 15 years ago. We actually met on the Internet while participating in fabric swaps. It used to be so much fun to receive the packages of goodies and this amazing surprise took me back there. So grateful for Jen’s friendship.  And can’t wait for her to come rescue me from my boredom on Sunday! 💜

 On the quirkier side of things is Kyla, with some help from Kim and Beth at work. She was so nice to stop by last night (before jetting off to Hawaii today) and brought me a stuffed uterus. OMG, I am complete again! Lol. Only Kyla would search the web and find a stuffed uterus. So funny.  

 Joy is so thoughtful too. It will be 18! years that we have known each other this winter. Hard to believe. She sent a bunch of movies and a quilt book, and then this adult coloring book and markers showed up the next day bSo much fun. Cats and quilts. What else could I need? The fact that Joy had time to think of me when she has so much going on in her life was really touching.  

 And then the flowers. This isn’t even half of them. My company, some co-workers/friends, and some clients were so sweet and generous. It seriously looks like a funeral home here. I am so touched. And they have really cheered me up. 

At this point I have moved from severe pain to moderate discomfort. I have started working a little and plan I sewing today too. Hopefully that means there will be some quilty posts soon but in the meantime I wanted to express how grateful I am and how loved I feel. Thank you. Xoxo

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