Rosabella’s Peek-a-Boo Buffalo Check Baby Quilt

  I posted a sketch a week or so ago of the Peek-a-Boo Buffalo Check baby quilt design I did. It was fun to sketch, but more fun to make.  
 I cut 3″ off the right side and bottom from the original sketch as I liked having the four corners be the darker color. In future versions and the pattern I am writing I will move the embroidery up and over a bit and also have a few different configurations in mind. I love the simplicity of the quilt and think it is very sophisticated baby quilt.  At 39″ square it can be a crib quilt or a wall-hanging. 

 The peekaboo element is the personalized embroidery of the baby’s name. I made this one for my neighbor Peter. He just became a grandpa for the first time and couldn’t be more excited. I added the rose to pay homage to the baby’s name.  I just added freehand swirls for the quilting to avoid complicating the embroidery. 

 The quilting is a “hearts and roses” pantograph that I did in signature thread light pink. It came out ok. My movement is still a little stilted and pantos come out so much better when you let your body move with the machine. I think it is ok though. Fortunately Peter loved it.  

 I wanted to keep the back simple and didn’t want to introduce any new colors. I love checks and I love polka dots, so this dot print worked perfectly for me. And my friend Jen worked from my house for a few days to keep me company and was a very good advisor.  

 I love how this came out and am now doing a blue version. I also have a grey version with a surprise peek-a-boo cutout that I am excited to finish. I had visions of doing a lot of sewing while I was out from surgery, but that was not reality. I am back to work (working from home) starting tomorrow but will hopefully have the energy to sew at night. 


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