Fairy Tale Fashion Exhibit at FIT

  I just made it to the Fairy Tale Fashion exhibit at FIT – on the closing day. I had wanted to go in January, and forgot until Project Runway had a fairy tale inspired challenge a few weeks ago. The designs were pretty boring and that reminded me how fabulous fairy tale fashion can be, and how the garments from fairy tales have inspired fashion through the years. 
 These pieces are all from Snow White. The black, red and white one was especially beautiful in its simplicity and relevance to the clothing we wear every day.  
 This is called, “White as Snow, Red as Blood, Black as Ebony,” by Rodarte in fall of 2008.  

 Another Snow White interpretation was by Dolce and Gabanna. The piece speaks to Snow White’s relationship with her sister, Red Rose. The picture doesn’t do the roses justice as they are hand painted and amazingly beautiful.  

 The Wizard of Oz garments were less fantastic than the others, but the shoes made up for it. “Ruby Slippers” by Noritaka Tatehana are the ultimate party shoe. As if.  

 Alexander McQueen’s “Symetrical Snowflakes” took The Snow Queen to a whole new level. The snowflakes are absolutely perfect without being gratuitous or gimmicky. Me want.  This would be amazingly beautiful at a winter gala. 

 This textile was fabricated by the designer, Yoshiki Hishinuma in fall 2000. Called, “A Grey Smock,” it is a sheer fabric covered in film and then ripped and manipulated with heat to create a crumpled effect. Cinderella should be so lucky to wear this rag dress. I certainly would! I wish I had gotten photos of the several interpretations of Cinderella’s glass slippers, but I didn’t.  

 Little Red Riding Hood was well represented in this exhibit, including menswear, or wolfwear as the case may be. I really loved this strippy red cloak with the oversized patent-leather quilted hood. “Big Red Riding Hood,” by Comme des Cargons was among my favorites. The designer received a lot of attention as Bjork wore this outfit later in 2015.   

 These two looks interpreting Sleeping Beauty were very thought-provoking. The first, “Sleeping Beauty’s Court,” by Dolce and Gabanna reflects a beautiful dress and hooded coat that a fairy protecting Sleeping Beaity would wear. The beading was brilliant. The second piece is by Alexander McQueen. “Sinister Fairies” highlights that fairies can be evil too and uses hand-painted fairies on this gown to show the threat to Snow White. At first glance it is just a dress, and then you see the wow. 

 I often like Marchesa, and wanted to today, but didn’t. “Romantic, pastel gowns” is reminiscent of the sleeping gown that Sleeping Beauty may have worn. Unfortunately it look a little matronly/bridal for me. It is beautifully made, but didn’t have enough fantasy, compared to many of the other looks. 

I really enjoyed the exhibit and even splurged for the accompanying book. Can’t wait to dig into that with a glass of wine tonight. 

 Just for fun, we took a spin through the denim exhibit that runs through May 7. I had to grab a picture of the original Jordache Jeans. I still remember my parents complaining about the price and asking why Lee Jeans weren’t good enough any longer. But don’t you worry – I got my Jordache look!

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