Quilt Shop Review – The Quilt Tree, Nyack, NY

This is a lovely shop in a charming town with lots to do and is well worth a trip if you are local and need to find a new favorite shop, or coming from a distance and want to make a day of it. Nyack has shops, restaurants, the Hudson River and friendly people, so you really can load the family in the car, send the hubby and kids off to galavant, and cozy up in this awesome quilt shop. 

I called at 4:45 on a Saturday afternoon to find out what time they closed, hoping the answer was 6. The answer was 5, but they offered to stay open for me. That was a very meaningful gesture given I live a half hour away. Beyond that, Lisa and Marcy (pictured) were friendly, helpful and encouraging as I shopped. 

The shop has a great selection of fabrics across styles with a very healthy dose of modern fabrics. They had some novelty prints, batiks, some quirky prints and lots of great mixers, including my favorite – Moda Grunge – in many colors. There is an awesome notions wall, and they had books and patterns artfully displayed throughout the store. Adding to the shop’s charm, they used antique pieces for display through the shop. Everywhere you look there is something interesting to see. You will be happy here if you are running in for something to finish a project, or if you are looking to find everything to start a new quilt. 

I made out like a bandit. The grey Cotton + Steel on the bolt is what I came in for. I picked up a few cute novelties, with Maddie’s help. And I stocked up on Grunge. Plus I got the Oliso Smart Iron, although I am not yet convinced and may be plugging in my trusty Rowenta today. We’ll see how that goes. 

I really enjoyed this shop and these ladies. As much as I appreciate online shopping, nothing beats the charm of a local quilt shop and the fun experience of talking to the shopkeeper as you browse. Visit, and tell them Erin said hi!

The Quilt Tree is located at 9 S Broadway in Nyack or online at thequilttree.com. 

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