This Thing with Bees

I have never had anything for or against bees. Sure, i squeal when they buzz around me, but it’s nothing personal. I just don’t want to get stung. But yesterday there were bee references all day long. It started Tuesday evening. We just launched a reciprocal mentoring program at work, The Pollination Project. The idea is that different people with different skills can mentor in their area of expertise. Nice idea right? 

So I couldn’t sleep Tuesday night so I started searching online for bee-themed fabric. I want to make the woman running the program a notebook case with a bee theme. I saw some fabric I liked but didn’t order. Yesterday morning I was up a half hour before my alarm, so I searched for bee fabric again. Still trying to avoid work, I checked my Etsy page and had this message:

AAt this point I decided to order Moda’s Bee Creative, first for Julie’s gift and then assuming I would get the sale in the custom order. Ok, so big deal. A coincidence. And I didn’t place the order because they are all so lovely that I couldn’t decide which color way. 

II finally get up, get coffee and get to work. Imagine my surprise that there is a little present on my desk. It was a totally unexpected, unnecessary gift from a colleague thanking me for something and congratulating me on six years with the company. How thoughtful? What could it be?

yep.  It was a charm pack of Moda’s Bee Creative!!! It is adorable and will make such a cute table runner, or little wall hanging, or throw for the patio. Thank you Diana!!!! I can’t wait to stitch it up. And I got to see and play with the colors and bought more for Julie’s gift. So, something must BEE (haha) going on. Not sure what, but I am very fond of bees all of a sudden. And this fabric rocks!!!

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