Quilt Shop Review – Selbstegmacht

What is one to do when your flight to Dusseldorf is early and the client can’t meet ahead of time. Find a local quilt shop of course. 

As the signs would suggest, this was really more of an old fashioned sewing machine and supply shop that has added fabric over the years. 

Beyond machines for sale, they appear to do quite a bit of repair work and also sell ribbons, thread and other sewing supplies. 

While they didn’t have a lot of fabric, they do carry premium brands and had some German manufactured cotton. The shop owners don’t speak English and I don’t speak German, but fortunately buying fabric is a universal language. Point at the meter stick and cut appropriately. I picked up three fabrics, 3 meters of a gray tone on tone for a background for a quilt in my mind, 1 meter of a bright floral for a table runner, and a half meter of a green mixer. 

They didn’t have a lot of room in the shop for shop samples, but these adorable paper pieces scenes caught my eye. They are really meticulously sewed and the landscape fabrics brought them to life. The church was especially cool. 

They also had some cute appliqué pieces done on their Pfaff embroidery machine. 

I am glad I visited. It is a simple but sweet shop that will get you by with the basics if you are in a pinch. Visit if you are in the area. You can get details at http://www.selbstgemacht.net/Default.aspx?Inhalt=STARTSEITE. 

And beyond the quilt shop, I had a great client meeting, enjoyed visiting colleagues in Dusseldorf and got to see a few of the sites. 

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