Quilt Shop Review – The Quilted Crow, Bolton, MA

The Quilted Crow in Bolton, MA is an absolutely spotless, stunning and charming quilt shop. I highly recommend stopping if you are anywhere near here. 

Every inch of this pristine shop has something to see – shop samples, patterns, books, fabric of course, and notions. The fabric selection is quite traditional, but they have a section of modern fabrics, a ton of kids prints, plenty of special seasonal choices, and lots of mixers of all styles. 

This shop also has a very large selection of felted wool – every color you could ever need with a large selection of kits and patterns. It made me wish I still worked with wool more regularly. 

Look up, look down, look to the right, look to the left – something will catch your eye and your creativity will be stimulated. With over 3,000 bolts in the store there is something for everyone. 

If I had one piece of feedback, one of the two shop employees was quite curt. We had planned to arrive at around four pm, but got caught in a lot of traffic. Unfortunately we arrived at 4:45 and one of the employees seemed annoyed. The minute I picked up a bolt she asked if she could cut it for me. She was probably trying to be helpful but I felt rushed. That said, the lady who rang me up was cheerful enough for both of them and I will definitely go out of my way to visit again. 
The Quilted Crow is at 626 Main Street in Bolton, Massachusetts or online at http://thequiltedcrow.com. 

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