Introducing Pink Robin Studio


Well, I finally came up with a name for this fun, sometimes kooky, and always growing quilting business – Pink Robin Studio. Why Pink Robin Studio? Well…

  • Pink because it is my favorite color. Duh.
  • Robin because Rob helps a lot and when you put Rob and Erin together it makes Robin.
  • And Studio because I have my hands in a lot of things and Studio gives me flexibility to add new capabilities

We thought we were so clever when we came up with the name – deciding to have an illustration of a robin with a pink chest. Until I googled it and saw that there is a bird, the pink robin, that is native to Australia. It is quite beautiful.Anyway, a shoutout to my great friend Shane for the logo. I did a mediocre sketch on vacation, that he turned into a great looking logo. I really appreciate that he drew me a custom pink robin, and that the typography isn’t too serious. I asked him to keep my name in the description line, but that will probably go away over time.

Shane is a really amazing artist (shown here painting with his kids in Maine), both a fine artist and an advertising and digital creative director. New York City hipsters may recognize some of his work from lounges across the city that have displayed it, and others can see his current series of paintings at If you’d like his contact information for custom work, or for professional purposes, please comment here and I’ll get it to you. You can also connect with Shane on his Facebook page.
I’ve updated this site with the new logo, and my Etsy shop as well. Now I am ordering my labels and other materials, and hope to have everything done before the end of September. That is questionable given I am VERY busy at my day job and don’t have much time for sewing right now, but luckily I don’t need a lot of sleep. 🙂 Anyway, I hope you like it as much as I do. And, thanks Shane!

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