Quilt Shop Review – Show-Me Quilting, Raytown, Missouri

My day job is pretty crazy with most days extending to 12+ hours per day. Honestly, sometimes it makes it tough to find even 15 minutes a day to be creative for personal reasons. But other times, like this week, my business travel affords the opportunity to visit an awesome quilt shop I would have never otherwise experienced. This week it was Show-Me Quilting in Raytown, Missouri. 

This shop is in an otherwise depressed looking strip mall, but don’t let the outside environment fool you. The shop takes up two stores, with separate entrances, that are connected on the inside. They are a modern quilt shop with an amazing selection of bright, cheerful and very modern fabrics. They also have many solids, lots of Moda Grunge and many of the designers that are leading the modern movement. 

Beyond a great fabric selection, the shop is organized very well. Fat quarters are near the yardage, designers are grouped together and seasonal prints are easy to find. It doesn’t seem like a lot to ask, but you would be amazed by how often that isn’t the case. They also have dozens and dozens of books and patterns to select from, all the key notions, and a wide election of thread and longarm supplies. 

Perhaps as notable as how awesome the shop is, is how awesome the owner was. You see, the shop is closed on Monday. My friend Amy, who is local to the area, called to check on store hours. The shop was closed but the owner was there getting caught up. She invited us to come by and was warm and gracious. Even though we were intruding on her day off, I didn’t feel rushed at all or uncumfortBle asking her to cut fabric. I am guessing that she works hard to create a comfortable environment given she has two clean bathrooms and a comfortable seating area too. 

Another cool feature of this shop is that the second storefront is dedicated to her longarm quilting business. She rents time in machines so those without a longarm can finish their quilts. I do this as well, but she has a nice storefront set up to do this. 

If you are in the Kansas City area you should definitely check out Show-Me quilts. They are at 6221 Blue Ridge Blvd. in Raytown, Missouri. I couldn’t easily find a website for them, but you can learn about them online via their Facebook page.

Thanks Amy for the awesome side trip! I love squeezing in a quilt shop visit on a work trip. I like squeezing in a visit with you even more! šŸ’›


  1. Nice article. She has a very nice shop and I am so lucky she is fairly close by. But please note the shop is in Raytown, Mo not Rayburn as stated at the end of the article.

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