A Piece of My Quilting Journey

Way back when I first started quilting, I used to go to a shop in Ravena NY called Log Cabin Fabrics. At that time it was in the owners home, yep, a log cabin. I have heard it has since expanded and moved to a storefront.

They had a shop sample of a wall hanging that I loved. I was really into denim red at the time, and lived in an old school house that had a lot of that country green in it. I bought the fabric to make the quilt and stitched the top. Before I could quilt it, a friend that I am sadly no longer in touch with, bought the shop sample for me. That quilt, shown below, has moved with me three times and is now hanging in my main level half bath.

These quilts are exactly the same except for the lighting where the photo was taken, the quilting and the binding.

One of my goals for the year is to finish UFOs. So now the one I stitched in 2002 is complete with a simple flower end to end quilting design. I still have some of all three of these fabrics in my stash, but they will go to other purposes. I have made this pattern again as it looks great as a baby quilt.
My style has certainly evolved over the years and my skills have improved, but I am still quite fond of this quilt. It reminds me a lot of my quilting journey and the friends I have made along the way. And it will be easy to part with it given one still hangs in my home.


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