More Buffalo Check Baby Quilts

I love these quilts. They go together fast, look great, are very modern and are personalized for the baby. I had three to get done this past week and they are all on their way to new homes. I have done a bunch of the pink, but with Tony’s order, now have photos of the lavender and blue too.

Given these are going to a set of twins I did a more gender neutral pantograph called popcorn. It is one of my all time favorites for baby quilts and lap quits too. 

For the names, I picked up the dominant color of the quilt, using print for the boy and script for the girl. Both have an embroidered teddy bear with a matching bow. I love them for twins and find the teddy bear to be very sweet.

I have been seeing some conversation about quilting over embroidery. Personally I think when using a coordinating light color thread it looks fine and really integrates the embroidery into the design. But that is just my opinion.


  1. Erin, everyone loved the quilts!
    I am sure Lucy and Lincoln will be nice and cozy during the Chicago winters.
    Thanks again!

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