End of an Era

I am so sad that City Quilter in New York Cityosed its doors this week as the owners, Dale and Cathy, have retired. They have served the NYC quilt market for more than 20 years and while I am happy for them I am sad for me. 

I managed to visit on their last day this past Wednesday and wanted to wish Dale and Cathy well but couldn’t find them. I doubt they know how influential they have been in my quilting journey. Beyond buying two Bernina sewing machines and my Handiquilter, this shop was where I escaped to during the day. 

I have worked in three buildings within a few blocks of City Quilter over the last 18 years. If I was frustrated, I would go for a walk and buy some fabric. Last minute weekend project? A quick run to CQ and I always found something. Time to kill after work before my train? Good news! CQ was open until 7. And don’t even get me started on The Art Quilt Gallery which closed about a year or so ago. It was awesome – like a quilt museum around the block. And Jen and I also have quite a few fun adventures here over the years!

I appreciate the bargains I got earlier this month. Fabric, thread, and some yardage. After this haul shown, I grabbed the rest of the bolt of about 16 Moda Grunge colors. As happy as I am to have the deals, I would rather have CQ! Thank you Dale and Cathy to your contributions to the art of quilting, and all you have done for me. Now go enjoy yourself!!! And keep in touch. 

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