Handmade Christmas 2016, Part 1

Merry Christmas! Hopefully it has been a fun and relaxing day for everyone. I tried to mix in some handmade gifts with store bought, as I always do. This is part 1 as we have one. Ore Christmas celebration on Friday with close friends.

First up, a table runner I made for my mother-in-law:

The pattern is called Scandinavian Style. My mil is from Finland and she lives Scandinavian design. The fabric is Nancy Halvorsen for Benartex and I believe is called “Santa’s Coming”. The runner measures 57.5″ wide by 17″ high. 

The quilting is the Let it Snow pantograph from Urban Elementz. I like how it is Christmasy without being over the top. Given she has Reds in her living room and family room, she can use this from December until March.

I think she likes it. Trust me, she is probably annoyed I am making her take a photo!!!

One of my favorite Quilt Market finds this year was a printer to print photos on cotton. Most of the ones that I had seen printed on stuff, starchy cotton that didn’t feel soft. The one I got from Sawgrass prints on soft cotton and the fabric holds the color even with washing. 

Rob is holding the first wall hanging / quilt I made from photo prints and was a gift for my Mom. The prints are of my brother Michael and I when we were kids. The fabric was from my stash and is two different blueberry prints that I bought years ago to make something for the house in Maine I haven’t yet bought. I used blue cornerstones to tie in the fabric to my mothers blue decor and the binding is a plaid print that matches the blueberries. 

Here is a close up of the photos. Remember these were all taken in the 70’s and then scanned in. I think the color is great, especially after washing. The quilting is obviously an orange peel which came with my Pro-Stitcher. I did quilt thought the photos but in other projects I quilted around the people so as not to stitch through the faces. 

Mom liked it! We will figure out where to hang it today.

Mom also got a set of rooster tea towels. I made two of these, one I sold at a craft show and one for mom given she loves roosters. 

I didn’t do the Sunday rooster because that is a day of rest, duh. (Actually I only had 1/ of these towels!)

A few others got tea towels as well. 

Our mail carrier always gets a nice tip but this year she got a tea towel too. And one of my new longarm customers got one for her kitchen too. I did a few projects for her in December and wanted to thank her.

My boss (and friend) got this holiday-themed martini table runner for a combined birthday / Christmas gift. Martinis are definitely in order with our jobs!!! I didn’t take a good photo, but fortunately Lynn sent me this photo.

A few more handmade gifts to come next weekend. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph a few too, but you get the idea. I hope everyone is enjoying their handmade gifts. We are very grateful for the lovely things people picked for us too!

Happy, merry!

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