Handmade Christmas 2016, part 2 and Happy New Year!

Jen and I have a longstanding tradition of celebrating New Year’s Eve together, and this year Amy joined us. That means that NY Eve is our final Christmas and there were more handmade gifts. First, one for me! 

Jen made me the most awesome pincushion and scrap bag to hang by my sewing machine. I had one years ago and lost it along the way and am so excited to have a new one, especially made by Jen. There is even a little pocket on the inside. The pincushion is big, the bag is roomy, and it matches my sewing space perfectly! I love it, and love that Jen took the time to make me something. Thanks Jengi! 💛

Jen also got a handmade gift by way of a travel / tote / duffel bag that I made at a class at a quilt shop well over a year ago. It was a birthday gift, but I went back and forth on making it a birthday or Christmas gift so it is getting posted. 

Jen, Amy and I had an assembly line going to finish these Lazy Girl one zip bags we made. Thanks Karen for the Facebook save about that middle flange! Here is Kira’s, with goodies inside, and featuring a bird to commemorate her many bird calls (inside joke). They were so much fun to make that Maddie and Sophia and Maia, and Jen and Amy and Holly and Emily and Kirsten all got one, each unique and all personalized with their names. 

The fabric is from Adorn It. Jen and I met the ladies of Adorn It at QuiltCon two years ago and it is fun to see their line grow. I absolutely love their whimsical, modern sensibilities and we were able to make all of these bags (plus two not shown), including linings, from one fat quarter pack. I love how they coordinate but all have their own feel to them. 

And lastly, a shout out to my nephew Scott who hand carved this butter spreader from wood for his grandmother. Such a nice gesture from a 16 year old. Very well done and useful too. 

Happy New Year! May 2017 bring peace, love, friendship and a lot of sewing for you and yours!

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