A Gift for Ilana

Technically I can’t call this a Christmas gift given it is so late, so we’ll call it a “thanks for always doing such a great job gift.” Ilana, of Luxury Nails in Woodcliff Lake NJ, has been doing my nails for about three years now, and she is such a pleasure. The manicure is always great, and it lasts longer than when others do it.

This little wall hanging measures 14″ x 23″ and it is immediately clear, at least to me, that it is a nail polish bottle. The best part of this quilt is that you can make the whole thing, including the background and binding from your scrap bin!

I just downloaded and installed my ProStitcher update on Friday night, so it was fun to play with the new features and practice my custom quilting as I finished this gift for Ilana. Overall I am pleased with the result and will likely make one of these for myself!

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