Two final Christmas Gifts

I didn’t really have my act together before the break, so I delivered two last gifts today. 

First, a table runner for my assistant at work, Lina. She asked for a black and white table runner and said red or burgundy as an accent color. I know there is more red than just an accent, but the black and white fabric I had to choose from was too masculine or too childish. Or had other colors that aren’t in her palette. 

I thought this fabric worked well as it can be used all year long and will fit in to her black and white decor at home. It actually looks quite nice in our communal lunch table at the office!

The quilting pattern is called Trillium Allover Leaf and the thread is a metallic silver, grey and black variegated. I liked how this came out so much that I made a second to sell on Etsy. 

The second wasn’t necessarily a holiday gift. I wanted to try the Lazy Girl bag design in a more masculine palette. I was texting over the break with a friend from work and he had joked that I was wasting time making these as you get them free on airlines from Tumi. Excuse you! These are way more stylish then a mass-produced Tumi. 

This is how I left his on his desk on our first day back today. With a note inside, of course. I like this bag in black too. This fabric was great for Stuart as he is our print production manager. I hope he likes it! 

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