Obsessed with Swaps

Lately I have been doing a lot of swaps. There are a few reason. First, they are a great way to try new patterns, fabrics and methods with a minimal commitment. Second, sometimes I don’t have the brain space for a big project. I was off today but spent most of the day multitasking and am about to do a few hours of work now. When I got home I just wanted to unwind for an hour with a glass of wine and some fabric. A swap project was perfect. And the third reason, I have met so many awesome people on instagram that it has become very rewarding. 

Out in the mail today is this package for the Instagram circus themed, #steprightup swap. The lady wanted bright colors and especially highlighted that she loves teal. 

The main item is the lazy girl pouch. I love, love, love this Alexander Henry circus fabric that I have had in my stash forever. I hated to cut it, but I am trying to thin my stash and o know it is going to a good home. I have to confess though, I looked for more on Etsy. 

I also made this tea towel to go along with the make-up bag. The design is from Urban Threads and is awesome. “Not my circus, not my monkeys,” sums up many of my days. It fits the theme perfectly!

I am also doing a horoscope swap, a fairy tale themed swap, a think outside the box swap and an all pink swap! Lots to do, and I love these little projects in between my bigger ones. I am also so grateful for the swap hosts who put so much effort into creating a great experience for everyone. If you don’t swap, I would give it a try!

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