Pussyhats for Everyone

I don’t want to make this a political post, so let’s just say that my friend Patty and I, and our daughters Maddie and Maia, are attending the women’s march in NYC this weekend. We want to make sure our voices are heard when it comes to equal rights and how we expect our leaders to behave. 

Patty decided to amp up our involvement by joining the Pussy Hat Project. The idea is that women will wear pink pussy hats to make our voices heard visually and to provide a way for women who can’t march to still get involved. 

Patty is very industrious and got a bunch of fleece and hand-stitched two prototypes. I think she did a great job but she wasn’t pleased so we had an impromptu sew-in. We made a pattern of scrap fabric and tested it out. Once it worked we decided to get fancy and customize the ears. 

Here is pussy hat #1, fresh off our assembly line. Patty cut the fleece, I did the ears, she ironed and I sewed. We were quite productive. 

Importantly Patty looks pleased with our work! We used medium weight stabilizer on the ears so they would be perky. So cute! The great part of having a fabric stash is when your friend says, “oh I wish we could have cat fabric for the ears,” you can respond with a whole shelf of only cat fabrics. 

Five pussy hats later we called it a night. Each one is unique with different ears against light or dark pink fleece. We are regrouping Thursday night to make more. 

I really do love the perky ears!

Even Maddie and Maia visited and picked their own ears. It was a lot of fun, and importantly a lot of laughs (which have been hard to come by relating to this election). 

If you need a pussy hat to make sure your voice is heard, let us know. Same goes for a pattern as I can send our homemade pattern if needed. Thanks Patty for jumping in to do this and letting me help!!! I will wear my dark pink with polka dot ears hat with pride and determination on Saturday!

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