Batik Colorwash Quilt Kit

It has been busy at work and busy at home, and when the days are short and the list of things to do is long, the blog suffers. But, I have a quilt to share that I finished last week but am just now posting. 

I finished my pattern for the Batik Colorwash Quilt kit. This is the demo, the pattern is ready, and I have lots of kits ready too. Now I just need the website. But that will be coming soon. I do love this quilt – it is beautiful and impactful and goes together quickly. I should have named it my Instant Gratification Quilt. 

The quilting itself is Funky Feathers which came with my ProStitcher upgrade. I used a multicolor poly blend thread to get a little shine. Love it. 

You can see the quilting better on the back. I used a light teal Moda Grunge to keep the back quiet, but also to show the quilting. 

The quilt measures 54″ wide by 76″ high. It is perfect for a lap, to throw over a couch, or even to act as a statement piece on a wall. It should take 3-4 hours to piece as the squares are cut to size in the kit. This is definitely an easy beginner project. If you want a kit before I have them posted, let me know. 

One comment

  1. This is amazing – the quilting is gorgeous and so even and the batiks are so amazingly effective, even as simple squares. I think you may have given me the encouragement to go for something simple myself!

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