Quilt Shop Reviews – Savannah, GA

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Jen and I went gallivanting in Savannah on Saturday. As we wandered about, we had the privilege of visiting two fabric shops in Savannaha nd one in Garden City. I decided to review the two Savannah shops together given there are a few days of QuiltCon related posts. 


Fabrika is a charming fine fabrics shop located in downtown Savannah in the midst of beautiful squares, boutiques and eateries. The shop is up a quick flight in an old townhouse and has three rooms of fabric to select from. 

As soon as you enter, you see a wall of quilting cottons. There is a fair mix across modern and traditional and you definitely can find mixers if you visit here. I would say there are less focus fabrics, but if you want to make a quilt you can leave happy. 

They have a full rainbow of cotton solids so modern quilters should shop here with confidence. 

Beyond the cottons, they have a variety of other fabrics for making clothes. The selection of each type of fabric is respectable, and if you have flexibility you will find something to meet your needs. 

The main area of the shop is quite charming and there are a selection of gifts for the sewing enthusiast. I loved the fun decor everywhere you looked. It felt like the owner loves her shop and made me want to spend time there. If you are in Savannah you should definitely visit Fabrika! Fabrika is located at 2A E Liberty Street on the corner of Bull, in Savannah or online at https://fabrikafinefabrics.wordpress.com

Measure: A Fabric Parlor

After Fabrika, we wandered, drank coffee, and eventually found Measure. Given the full name, “Measure, A Fabric Parlor,” I think it is safe to say I had higher expectations. It was nice and clean, but small and the selection was limited. That said, I liked it and the shopkeeper. 

This is primarily an apparel shop and appeared to focus on leather. There were various items across different fabric types, and I got the sense that SCAD students shop here a bit. 

I loved the selection of leather that spanned colors and weights. Beyond those shown hanging, there was a bin of more leather in larger rolls for those making clothing. 

Their cotton for quilting was limited to this fat quarter selection. That said, the display was adorable and you can see the owner’s sense of design coming through. I also appreciated the variety of sizes and colors of zipper. If I hadn’t stocked up just before visiting, I would have definitely bought some. 

Check out the leather hearts on the back wall. Very cute. I should note that this is a SCAD alumni run business. I hope the school is supporting her. 

I am very excited by the leather and cork I found. These will be put to good use on bags I have to make soon. Again, if you are in downtown Savannah, do a drive by. You. Ever know what might catch your eye. Measure is located at 311 Whittaker Street in Savannah. 

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