Trying to get back to blogging

Work has been cray-cray. It has been about six weeks since I have blogged and that is the longest I have abandoned my site. I have done some sewing, but not enough. Plus, beyond work being crazy busy, my long arm machine was down for the better part of three weeks – frustrating me and angering some of my customers. 

I had a lot of fun participating in an instagram Sex and the City swap. I highlighted fashion, hot guys, New York taxis and cocktails in my mini. 

I love the package I got in return, with two minis! They are already on my mini wall. 

One of my favorite customers, Barbara, recommended me to her friend Teri for long arm quilting. This is Teri’s flannel that she made for her son. With my machine being down due to the vertical encoder needing to be replaced, I didn’t get this done for three weeks. Fortunately Teri really liked the result, so all is well that ends well. 

I also did two quilts for Barbara – one a sweet flannel and then this beauty with the Bee Creative fabric line. I love her quilt and was really happy with the bee pantograph from Urban Elementz 

I also made several of these one hour baskets. They were so much fun. More to come. 

I have big quilting plans for the weekend – a customer quilt to do, some Etsy orders to fill, two swaps to finish and I plan to make good progress on Chris Millsom’s very late birthday quilt. 

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