Quilt Shop Review – Red Barn Sewing, Merrimack, Massachusetts 

We are on our way to Maine for the annual sew-kayak-drink repeat trip with Jen and her family, and this year Shane is coming too. I forgot the background for a top I want to make while here, so made a stop at the lovely Red Barn Sewing. 

It is really surprising how much they pack into this shop. They have been in business with 35 years and it shows in the logical flow throughout the shop. They don’t have a ton of any one thing, but they more than make up for that with good taste and something for everyone. 

Beyond the fabric, patterns and notions, they also have shop samples everywhere you look. I always find that very motivating and enjoyed browsing this shop. 

I will be making at least two baby quilts this week (and hopefully more) and was pleased with the variety of children’s prints available here. 

In the back corner the shop has a nice selection of yarn and patterns. While I no longer crochet, I am sure this appeals to many people. 

If you are in the area, this shop is worth a visit. It is just a few miles off the highway and worth the trip. Visit Red Barn Sewing at 116 Main Street in Merrimac, Massachusetts or online at http://www.redbarnonline.com. 

In other news, I am back. I appreciate those of you who wrote and asked why I haven’t been posting. It is a long story but my boss complained about my sewing. It was ridiculous as I do this on weekends to relieve stress and let my brain rest. But when she started talking about it to colleagues I decided to not share my work as much. Things have changed a little so I can share again without concern for repercussions.  

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