A Week in Rangeley

We had our annual week in Rangeley, Maine a week ago. It is always a special trip, but this year it was even more special because Madeline was leaving for college right after we got home. More on that later. (Photo by Jen Gray)

I had set a goal of 4 quilts and 2 minis. I got 1 large throw, 3 baby quilts, and 1 toddler size quilt done plus 2 minis. 

I also did some embroidery including 3 motifs to make into mini quilts and 2 cool dish towels. I helped Jen make some cute zipper pouches and made a few of those too. 

We ended up having mediocre weather one day the teenage girls wanted to see too. That was actually quite fun. We took them to Threads Galore quilt shop and the kids had fun picking out their own fabric combos. It was funny to see them get overwhelmed by the choices. 

They did a really good job and the quirky embroidered phrases are all them. You can see that they are quite proud! 

All around, it was another amazing week. Rangeley is always soothing to the soul and spending time with Maddie, Robert, Jen, tim and the boys, Shane and the kids, and Kira and Maia is great fun and something to look forward to. 

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