Three Mini Quilts with Embroidery

Inembellish many of my quilts with embroidery – usually by adding a name to a baby quilt. It is an awesome way to take an already very personal gift and make it truly one of a kind. Lately I have started experimenting with mini quilt wall hangings that I am really enjoying. I started these three in Maine and finished them this weekend. 

This one is for me. I just became CEO of the company I work for and have a lot of work to do. This mini will hang at my desk and I hope will be a positive affirmation. I love pink and orange together and the inner border and binding matchbour company color. 

Speaking of positive affirmations, there is a woman I work with that is truly one of the most positive people I have ever met. She is a wicked hard worker but brings great positivity to even the most challenging situations. She has been working and traveling a lot lately, so I made this mini to thank her and let her know her attitude makes a difference. Oh, she loves tea. 

The last little mini is for Miss Maddie. She is all set up at RIT and her room has a cactus theme. Housing made her take down her cactus tapestry, so hopefully this sweet quilt will fit in. Plus, who can resist llamas?

All of the embroidery designs used are from Urban Threads. They have such fun, quirky stuff. 

These were so much fun to do that I want to do a bunch more. Who wants one?

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