A Quilt for Maisie

A colleague and his wife just had their first baby, a girl named Maisie. When I asked Noah what color what colors they were using for her room, he said that they weren’t doing typical girl colors. So I picked these bright batiks that are strong and bright and should make any baby happy. 

The quilt is a simple chevron pattern. I wanted something bright that would feature these gorgeous batiks. 

The quilting is a swirly flower that I love for this quilt as the swirls are a nice contrast to the points of the chevron. The quilting really softens the entire quilt in my view. 

Apparently the chevrons in the front weren’t enough as I pulled this playful she Ron fabric from my stash for the back. I have had this fabric for a while and this was the perfect use in my mind. 

I am always torn about giving a baby quilt before the baby is born without a name, or after birth with the name embroidered. For me, the embroidery makes the quilt truly one of a kind, so I usually go that way. For this quilt I think it is the perfect touch. I sure hope Maisie enjoys her quilt in health and happiness! 

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