Newest Member of the Family

We got a little kitten a month and a half ago, Angus, who will be going to live with Maddie in Rochester for her sophomore year. But until next August, he is all ours! We learned that little Angus likes the sewing room.

This is Angus last weekend while I was working on a quilt for our nephew Chris. He literally just popped his head through the machine while I was chain piecing.

He also likes to sit under the long arm machine, while it is running, and do one of two things. Playing with the batting is a lot of fun, but beyond that, trying to jump onto the machine while it running is really fun too! But wait, there must be more to do in the sewing room. Obviously, I lock him out when I am laying a quilt out. But what else could he possibly do?

He loves to help put on the binding! And but help , of course I mean swat at it and play with it while I am stitching it on. But if that doesn’t work…

Of course! Just curl up on the quilt while I am adding the binding on.

All that sewing can make a kitty tired. So before we could hand stitch the binding to the back, Angus services if he couldn’t help sew the quilt he would just enjoy it for himself.

We are really enjoying the new kitten!

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