Getting Organized for the New Year

My longarm thread was a mess.

I had it stacked on top of one of my fabric shelves, and honestly, I was too short to be able to see the colors. Every time I would organize them, they would get mixed up the first time i had to move things around to get a color from the back.

Off to Home Depot we went, with Rob having the idea to use pegboard. I am sure he is not the first person to have this idea, but it was new to me. He put a small piece of wood between the pegboard and the wall at the sides to give me a little bit of room for the Boone. It worked like a charm.

Now all the thread is organized by color with some of my yardage (Moda Grunge) underneath. The bottom shelf has project boxes to keep components of works-in-progress in order.

Now, freeing the top of the shelf gave me room for my Kona Cotton half-yards. Which gave me room to de litter my stash.

This idea should have been obvious as my embroidery thread is already organized similarly, on thread stands from Joann Fabrics, attached to the wall. By color of course.

I love getting organized for the New Year, and really cleaning and organizing the sewing room is on my priority list for the year. Tomorrow I am organizing fabric and destashing. Fabric I am not longer interested in and don’t think I can find a use for will be donated to a local women’s club.

Happy New Year!

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