T-Shirt Quilt for Lynn

I think memory quilts are an amazing way to give comfort to someone after they lose a loved one. I have done them with jeans, plaids, ties, hankies, and of course, t-shirts.

My mom’s friend Lynn lost her husband shortly after they moved to On Top Of The World in Ocala so I offered to make her a r-shirt memory quilt. We got together and cut the shirts over the holidays, and I did it in between other projects.

This is a simpler option – all I did was prepare the shirts with interfacing, see them into rows and add a border. For this quilt, I didn’t want dashing and other design elements to fight with the shirts which are what will bring Lynn the most comfort.

The quilting is a simple swirly end-to-end in a tan cotton thread. For the back I did pretty feathers with a touch of orange on a tan background. Again, the shirts themselves are the star of this show!

I hope Lynn likes it and it brings her warm comfort!

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