The Quilts of Loon Lodge in Rangeley, Maine

We are up in Rangeley this week having bought a house here. The night before the closing we had the pleasure of staying at Loon Lodge. It is a charming country inn, right on the lake, with a great restaurant and fantastic views. Better yet, they have quilts!

This simple beauty greets you on arrival and is near the check-in desk. The rooms are downstairs (allowing you direct lake access) so you can take a closer look as you walk to your room.

There is a charming sitting area between the bar and the restaurant. This appliqué moose was right at home and popped in the setting. I love the moose in front of the sun with the shadow in the lake.

This is clearly a wall hanging style that they love at the Inn. The one on the left was hanging in our room, and the one on the right was in the dining room. It is a really nice large block that can add depth and visual interest in a room. And who doesn’t love a pretty pinwheel?

This quilt was in the dining room. At first glance I was amazed at the detail and even put my finger up to it to show the scale of the small pieces. Only then did I realize that it is a panel. No mind, it is still gorgeous and fit the setting perfectly.

If you are in Rangeley (other than to visit me!) you should definitely visit Loon Lodge. You’ll be charmed, and the quilts are just icing on the cake.

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