A Special Gift

A Gift from my Etsy Shop

I received an order on my Etsy shop on Friday night from a lovely lady in Washington State. She was ordering a gift for her sister-in-law. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be special, but as we emailed back and forth, she shared that the recipient was a survivor of a double lung transplant and has been thriving for 8 years. I work in healthcare and know that as amazing as modern medicine is, success stories like this are worth celebrating. She let me know that her sister in law loves purses and loves Halloween, and that the bag she was ordering from me was a surprise gift for her. I am so honored that she picked one of my bags to send, and really hope she loves it.

I am slowly learning what a giving community Etsy is. It was great to talk to Joyce, a woman who has her own Etsy shop with beautiful quilted items. Check it out.

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