A Day of Quilting

Yesterday was a great day. One of my BFFs, Jen, came to visit for a quick overnight and some longarm quilting action. I had done one quilt for her but she hadn’t yet tried the machine herself. She came prepared with three quilts (she is not al all ambitious!!!) and Kahlua and I gathered the rest of the snacks.


Jen arrived at 10:30 and we had a very early lunch and some coffee to fuel us. We went up to the sewing room and she was fearless. We loaded her first quilt which was really for practice and off she went.


Notice how cute she looks at this point with her little sweater and sassy hair! First quilt was done in a little over an hour with freehand loops and looks awesome. This will hang in her home office.


We loaded her next quilt, a sweet batch of stars for a co-worker that retired. I didn’t get a photo of that one. At that point we were ready for a break so we hit the sales at the mall and Dairy Queen. We got back, she finished her second quilt and the. She loaded her third without any help. Then my husband got home from work and we went out to grab dinner.

When we came back, Jen was again ready to go and decided to try a groovy board.


Notice the cute sweater has been discarded and the sassy hair is in a pony tail. The chick means business!

The quilt was beautifully pieced and her quilting was awesome. This is for her son Justin and he is going to love it.


We finished at around 10:30pm (while Jen was quilting I was making things for upcoming craft shows), caught up on the Olympics and rewarded ourselves with a cupcake for our hard work.

It was a great day and only fitting that Jen share the Longarm with me. We met more than a decade ago after years of swapping fabric online. A group of us met up one day after figuring out that we all lives with a few hours of each other and did a shop hop. We all became very close but over the years the group has dwindled and sadly we lost one amazing lady to a battle with breast cancer. But Jen and I are no longer “quilting friends” but rather great friends with several shared interests. We vacation together every summer, our kids are great friends and even the husbands like each other! I never would have thought when I sent that swap out in the summer of 2001 that I would get such a terrific friend in return.

One comment

  1. It was such a fun day, the quilting, the shopping, the DQ’ing…all of it. I loved that I came home with four quilts ready for binding and gifting! Erin is for sure one of my BFF’s….and as long as our kids don’t read this, I’ll admit that we’ve planned all along for her daughter to marry my son one day. hehe. Shhhh, don’t tell them!
    Erin, I’ll send you a pic of the star quilt so you have it. Thanks again, for everything!

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